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What is Sigaro?

Sigaro provides cigar discovery in the palm of your hands. Find out exactly what you're smoking and learn about similar cigars that you haven't tried yet. The more you rate, the more personal your recommendations become. Let Sigaro be your own personal cigar expert!

Don't smoke alone. Sigaro includes social features such as a virtual humidor and cigar reviews. See what other users have smoked and find out how they stack up. Find one you're interested in trying? Add it to your Try List as a reminder the next time you're making a purchase or buy it directly through the app.


    Scan or upload a cigar band to learn details about the tobacco leaves that make it unique, find reviews and ratings, and even keep track of the ones you've smoked and enjoyed.

    Add cigars to your virtual humidor, your favorites, and mark cigars that you would like to try. View reviews and ratings from other users or add your own!


    The more cigars you rate, the more accurate our recommendations get. Let Sigaro be your own personal cigar expert.

    Looking for a new place to buy cigars or just a place nearby to relax and enjoy one? Sigaro suggests local shops and bars with ratings and reviews powered by Yelp.


    No one likes to smoke alone. With Sigaro, you don't have to. Share your thoughts on cigars you've tried and check out ones your friends have really enjoyed!

    Add comments and discuss what you like about a great cigar, where others can find them at a great price, and share your thoughts with all of Sigaro or just a select few.


Get the most complete details about the cigars you're smoking or are interested in trying with Sigaro Premium. Add your own detailed notes for individual vitolas and keep an accurate record of what cigars, and how many, you have in each of your humidors.

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