Features Premium
Unlimited humidors/collections
Create, name, and manage as many humidors or collections as you need.
Unlimited humidor contents
Don't restrict the number of cigars that can be logged into your humidor - add an unlimited count.
Filter by Vitola
View cigar details such as reviews and ratings for individual vitolas.
Vitola-specific notes
Add individualized notes, ratings, and drink pairings for each vitola.
Deals and recommendations
Receive personalized recommendations and deals based on cigars you like best.
Unlimited Scans
Scan as many cigar bands as you want!
Sigaro Premium

Unlimited humidor/contents

A simple, accurate record of the number of cigars in each humidor/collection you have. Add as many virtual humidors and cigars in each as you need.

Vitola-specific details/logging

View ratings, reviews, and your own individual notes for specific vitolas. Don't let the key flavors of a specific shape/size get lost amongst the rest.

Match Queue

Don't wait to find out what you're smoking. Be the top priority for our experts to match your scan to a cigar.

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